Local authorities can build climate adaptation and mitigation, responding to increased public and legislative expectations, through partnerships, community engagement, infrastructure strategies, education and sustainable services.

Among the short-term (1 year) climate change adaptation targets in the National Climate Change Strategy Document  the item “Raising awareness of local governments, professionals and the public regarding adaptation to climate change, education, supporting scientific and social efforts, international communication and knowledge transfer, policy and strategy development work will continue” is specifically emphasized. Consequently, our project also supports national targets in terms of its content with reference to climate change simultaneously.

Brief information on ongoing climate change adaptation and mitigation work with reference to EU local governments including local governments from Turkey can be found here.


Climate finance defines local, national or transnational financing – drawn from public, private and alternative sources of financing – that aims to support mitigation and adaptation actions that will address climate change.

The EU’s 2021-2027 long – term budget, together with the NextGenerationEU recovery instrument, amounts to €2.018 trillion in current prices (€1.8 trillion in 2018 prices). 30% of the EU budget is planned to be spent to fight climate change.

EU’s Life, Horizon Europe and other financial programmes offer a variety funding possibilities including those for local governments.


Green Deal Going Local is a flagship initiative of the European Committee of the Regions that aims to place cities and regions at the heart of the EU’s transition to climate neutrality. Green Deal Going local is structured around the following campaign activities:

  • European Green Deal debates at the institutional, national, regional and local level – debates at all levels that feed into the European Green Deal.
  • My Green Story – mapping, promoting and sharing climate commitments and actions and local and regional best practices on the European Green Deal.
  • European Green Deal: Handbook for Local and Regional Governments – a living resource hub on accessing support to develop and implement Green Deal policies and projects.
  • Trees For Life – promoting commitment and facilitating action on reforestation and urban greening, contributing to the EU’s plan to plant three billion trees.
  • Green Our Mobility – promoting the EU’s priorities on sustainable mobility and local and regional efforts to decarbonise the transport sector.
  • Facilitating access to funds – sharing information on financing key areas of the green transition, including webinars and conferences.


City Networks

  • The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy Europe
  • CEMR: Council of European Municipalities and Regions
  • CLRAE: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe
  • EuroCities: The Network of Major European Cities
  • EU: Council of European Municipalities and Regions
  • LOGON: Local Government Network of Central and Eastern European Countries
  • UBC: Union of Baltic Cities
  • Energie-Cités: Association of European Local Authorities Promoting a Local Sustainable Energy Policy
  • C40 Cities
  • Making Cities Resilient-2030
  • Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe
  • Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
  • Just Transition Platform (JTP)
  • European Climate Initiative
  • CDS: City Development Strategies Initiative
  • CA: Cities Alliance
  • Eco-Partnership: The Eco-Partnership Network
  • FMCU-UTO: World Federation of United Cities
  • ICLEI: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  • INTA: International Network for Urban Development
  • MDP: Municipal Development Partnership
  • METROPOLIS: World Association of Major Metropolises
  • OICC: Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities
  • SCI: Sister City International
  • UCLG: United Cities and Local Governments [IULA + UTO = UCLG]
  • UN-ACLA: UN Advisory Committee of Local Authorities
  • UN GC-CP: UN Global Compact – Cities Programme
  • WACLAC: World Associations of Cities and Local Authorities
  • WeGO: World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization
  • WLA: World Local Authorities