The Introductory Meeting of EU Grant Project Implemented by Yunusemre Municipality is realised on 12December 2023

Under the auspices of Town  Twinning Between Turkey and the EU – II  For a Green Future Grant Programme;  Yunusemre Municipality started implementing the “A Greener Future for Everyone” project on 1 November  2023.

The Introductory Meeting of the Project has been held on 12 December 2023 at the Yunusemre Municipality Council Hall, with participation of the Mayor of Yunusemre Dr. Mehmet Çerçi, Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mehmet Yılmaz, ZAFER Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator Cansu Uyar, ZAFER Development Agency Expert Mustafa Coşkun, Manisa Governorship Project Officer Cemile Çetin Turan, relevant unit managers and press members. Before the meeting, Yunusemre Municipality Strategy Development Manager Hatice Çakar and Project Manager Selma Oruç informed the participants about the municipality’s work for a Green and Clean Yunusemre.

Within the scope of the project, the team established a project partnership between Mislata Municipality (Spain), which has a similar industrial structure and population density as Manisa, and the effects of climate change and urbanization, and the Valencia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On-site examination and transfer of applications, training to companies in Manisa and Mislata, organizing panels, preparing local policy plans, signing mutual visit and cooperation protocols with Mislata Municipality and Valencia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recycling and waste management at primary and high school levels together with organization of informative trainings, workshops and competitions on the subjects of zero waste and zero waste are among the projected activities of the project.