26 April 2024, 10.30-14.30


Port Cities Partnership in Green Future

27 February 2024, 14.00-18.00


Mersin Divan Hotel

Town Twinning between Turkey and EU – II (Twinning for a Green Future) Grant Scheme (TTGS-II)


Project profile

Project Title:   Port Cities Partnership in Green Future

Project Applicant: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality

Project Partners: Municipality of Klaipeda, Lithuania

                                     Klaipeda University, Lithuania

                                     Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

                                     METO Institute of Marine Science

Project Duration:  12 months

Program content

Town Twinning Action between Turkey and EU Grant Scheme (TTGS-I) action was designed under IPA-II Programme with an overall objective of establishing sustainable relations between local authorities to strengthen the communication between communities and to assist EU accession process from the local level. Building on the experience of TTGS-I, the Town Twinning between Turkey and EU-II (Twinning for a Green Future) Grant Scheme (TTGS-II) is designed as a continuation programme to support twinning actions with a focus on environmental protection and fight against climate change

Local authorities in Turkey are the implementers of the national and international climate and environment related policies at the local level. However, climate-related experience sharing, capacity building and local policy development requires further strengthening in Turkey. The TTGS-II will support the local partnerships to be established with the focus on combat against climate change, environmental protection and actions assisting green future.

Since Mersin and Klaipeda being both coastal and port cities, a roadmap study will be conducted to increase the coastal resilience in supporting climate adaptation action plans of both cities.


Time Subject Representative
14.00 – 14.30 Registration
14.30 – 15.30 Opening Speeches · Dr. Bülent HALİSDEMİR (Project Information)

· Honorary Consul of Lithuania, Mr. Armağan ÖNER

· Director of METU Institute of Marine Science, Mr. Prof. Dr. Barış SALİHOĞLU

· Chairman of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Hakan Sefa ÇAKIR

· Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Vahap SEÇER

  Moderator · METU Director of the Marine Sciences Institute, Sn. Prof. Dr. Barış SALİHOĞLU
15.30 – 16:40 Presentations 1.       Session:

·  Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Abdulkadir DÖLEK (15 min)

Indicators of Mersin and the Green Deal

· Klaipeda City Municipality – Dainius JOKYMAITIS (20 min) “Development of the Blue Economy in Klaipeda City Municipality”

· CPMA, Turkey Project Team Leader – Daiva MATONIENĖ  (20 min)

“Collaboration in Climate Actions”

· Mersin Metropolitan Municipality – Bülent HALİSDEMİR,PhD (15 min)

“The Green Growth Initiatives of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality”

16:40 Coffee Break
16:50 – 17:50   2.       Session

· METU Institute of Marine Science – Asst. Prof. Dr. Devrim TEZCAN, (20 min)

“The impacts of Climate Change on the Economic Sectors”

· Klaipeda University – Prof. Dr. Loreta KELPŠAITĖ-RIMKIENĖ, Dr. Greta SRĖBALIENĖ (20 min)

“Natural and Anthropogenic Factors Impact on the Use of the Sandy Beaches in Klaipeda Municipality”

· Mersin University – Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Cenap YOLOĞLU (20 min)

“The Sufficient Components of Effective Policy Design to Reduce Carbon Emmissions”

17:50 – 18:00 Question – Answer
18.00 Dinner