İzmİr ClImate LIteracy Educator TraInIng 

İzmir Climate Literacy Educator Training on February 21-22 


CLIMATE CRISIS, we started to experience events that frighten us all: floods, tornadoes, droughts… The climate is changing and the world is warming, mostly due to human-induced reasons. Although 1.5 degrees of warming may not seem like a relatively big difference, the impact it has and will have is huge. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions causes irreversible pollution of resources such as water, soil and air. The preparations for the project we prepared as a team that believes in a sustainable future have been completed and we are now STARTING the training. 

Supported by the Turkey-EU Green Future City Twinning Grant Program, which aims to create added value in the field of climate crisis, and coordinated by Buca Municipality, the “WE ARE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE PROJECT” activities, with reference number TTGS-II/119, are commencing. This project involves the participation of 21 municipalities from 6 different geographical regions of Turkey and from Europe, along with 1 NGO, and the contribution of all our municipalities’ stakeholders is highly valued. 

Project Partners: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart (Municipal City), Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Pülümür Municipality, Yuva Association 

Project Participants: Yenimahalle Municipality, Kemalpaşa Municipality, Seferihisar Municipality, Çiğli Municipality, Hozat Municipality, Pertek Municipality, Yayladere Municipality, Kepez Municipality, Fındıklı Municipality, Ovacık Municipality, Nazımiye Municipality, Saimbeyli Municipality, Tufanbeyli Municipality, Feke Municipality, Karataş Municipality, Yumurtalık Municipality, İmamoğlu Municipality, Karaisalı Municipality, Aladağ Municipality” 

The Openning Ceremony of EU Grant Project Implemented by Buca Municipality is realised on 30 January 2024

Under the auspices of Town Twinning Between Turkey and the EU – II For a Green Future Grant Programme; Buca Municipality started implementing the “We are also in the fight against climate change” project on 1 November 2023.

The Openning Ceremony of the Project has ben held on 30 January 2024 with participation of main project stakeholders. Buca Municipality, Germany Stuttgart Municipality, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Pülümür Municipality are the partner municipalities of the project; Seferihisar Municipality, Kemalpaşa Municipality, Çiğli Municipality, Yumurtalık, İmamoğlu, Karataş, Karaisalı, Tufanbeyli, Aladağ, Feke, Saimbeyli district municipalities from Adana, Hozat Municipality, Pertek Municipality, Ovacık Municipality, Nazımiye Municipality from Bingöl, Yayladere Municipality from Bingöl , Fındıklı Municipality from Rize, Yenimahalle Municipality from Ankara, Kepez Municipality from Çanakkale, as well as the non-governmental organization Yuva Association are the stakeholders of the project.

Within the scope of the “We Are Also in the Fight Against Climate Change” project, it is aimed to achieve capacity building activities with participating municipalities to reduce the negative effects of climate change and adaptation, and to implement activities that will raise the awareness of vulnerable local people, especially children, youth and women who are most affected by climate change.